The energy storage system for the Liverpool project is being developed by Unify Energy, a Nova Scotia energy storage solutions company. Unify has an arrangement with LightSail Energy Inc to deploy LightSail’s patented technology into industrial applications. The storage system will be controlled by Unify's Grid Level Advanced System Software (GLASS) platform, which will also control the output of the wind turbines. 

 LightSail Energy Inc is a Berkeley, California company that has developed innovative technology to store electrical energy using compressed air. The Regenerative Air Energy Storage (RAES) technology (“RAES”) is a low cost, long life, high efficiency, and flexible storage solution. The innovative technology is extremely efficient, and unique to energy storage systems.

The energy storage system for the Liverpool project will be located in the Innovacorp Demonstration Center, formerly the Bowater Mersey Paper Mill. The system will consist of high pressure air storage vessels, thermal energy storage vessel, and a compressor/expander power unit. The air and water storage will be located outside, while the power unit will be housed in a retrofitted portion of the old mill building. There, it will have access to steam from the nearby Brooklyn Power Combined Heat and Power plant, which will be used to boost the efficiency of the storage system by adding thermal energy during the expansion process. 

The following video from PBS shows a closed look at LightSail's technology and provides a great introduction as to why energy storage is so important.