Over the past 15 years ENERCON has established a strong presence in Canada with over 600 employees, three manufacturing facilities, and an installed capacity of more than 1,907 MW (end of 2015). Expected to achieve the 2000 MW milestone of installed capacity in the first half of 2016, ENERCON boasts a vast and diverse project portfolio including a number of Canadian milestone projects:

  • The first  community owned wind farm in Spiddle Hill, Nova Scotia, 
  • The first 100% First Nations owned project in Manitoulin Island, Ontario,
  • North America’s largest wind farm on the Seigneurie de ‎Beaupré (339.7MW), and 
  • 12.2 MW of extreme climate, off-grid mining projects in the Northwest Territories and Quebec.

We are currently in the wind resource data collection stage of the project. A permanent meteorological tower was installed on site in March 2015 with two purposes.

  1. To collect site specific data about the wind regime in order to conduct a wind resource assessment. This allows us to strengthen the economic case for the project by predicting the output and optimizing the placement of the wind turbines.
  2. To continue to collect data when the wind farm is operational. This data will feed a wind forecasting model, which will in turn feed into the project's control system. In knowing what to expect from the wind turbines over the next several hours, the energy storage system will be better prepared to take maximum advantage of the wind energy resource. 

The wind forecasting model is a collaboration between Unify Energy Inc, Scotia Weather Services, and Dalhousie University. Beyond helping optimize the operation of the energy storage system, it will also improve the means of wind energy forecasting for grid system operators. As the amount of wind energy being built into our electricity system grows, accurate forecasting tools are very important.